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Maximum Training Centre - MTC For the Adults

MTC Prides itself on providing the best experience while training in the Martial Arts. Leaving one’s ego at the door is just the start of joining an elite group of trainers and athletes that will assist you in whatever endeavours you have your mind and heart set on.  Just want to get in shape with Kickboxing? No problem.  Want to go hardcore and become a fighting phenom -we cannot promise you that but we have the tools here to assist you on your journey. For one price you get the full MMA offering of Kickboxing, Grappling BJJ Gi and No Gi, Wrestling and Weight -Cardio Training Equipment.

 Maximum Training Centre - MTC For the Kids

MTC has great Kids programs to get your kids off the couch away from the video games and in front of some select Senseis and Trainers who will insure your child has the best Martial Arts Experience.

At MTC we work on confidence, skill sets, team work, respect and unity.

Your child will thrive under the tutelage of our instructors and have fun while accomplishing their goals.

Same, one price goes for the little guys and girls as it’s all inclusive allowing a mixture of Kids Karate and Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Maximum Training Centre

MTC’S resident  all inclusive Martial Arts Store Takedown Distribution  

is located inside the MTC Facility on the 2nd floor.

At MTC we teach Martial Arts to children in a fun, safe, and respectful environment. Our unique blend of goal-setting, self-esteem, and discipline  within the Kids Karate program is key to your child’s success.  These goals are attained in an enjoyable, exciting, and enriching atmosphere, while in a family-like setting. Our classes are designed to have fun, to learn new skills, and to become knowledgeable both in the art of self-defense and the lessons of life.

Come down to MTC and bring your children.  Try a Free Class on us.

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