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Mike Carter

Business Entity- Mike Carter Personal Trainer (Carter Fitness Solutions)

Specialized Nutrition Consultations & Planning, Individual Diet Plans to maximize the effects of your training, 1 on 1 Individualized Sessions, High Priority Group Training (Max 4), High Intensity Fitness Classes,   Team Dry Land Training,   Kickboxing & Self Defense Training.


- Certified Personal Trainer Specialist

- Certified Sport Nutritionist

- Certified Kwondo Combat Fitness Instructor

- Certified Schwinn Spin Instructor

- Kinesiology- Movement Science Major

- 2 years’ Experience with training High Performance Athletes and Varsity Teams

- 1st Degree Black Belt KIHON Traditional Full Contact Karate/MMA

- 16 Competitive Kickboxing/MMA/Full Contact Competitions

- Over 5 years’ experience in Fitness and Martial Arts Industry

Personal Trainer Description

  My name is Mike Carter and I am here to help you conquer your fitness goals no matter how big or small they are. I will stay with you along the way and provide adequate information and training techniques to help you accomplish your goals and make possible what you thought was inevitable. I can provide you with proper nutrition guiding and programs to assist with your diet as well as a reliable workout program that will get you the results you’re looking for; all well keeping you motivated and increasing your knowledge along the way. So don’t put off today until tomorrow, the road to better health starts now!

 I have worked with varieties of people ranging from younger children to older adults (75years), different weights and fitness levels; from people who never lifted a dumbbell to performance athletes, no matter what your situation is I am confident that I will be able to help you accomplish your goals!

Questions or Concerns, Please Contact me:  mike.carter@live.ca

Experienced in:

- X-Factor MMA and Conditioning Class Instructor

- Spin Class Instructor

- Keep Fit Fitness Classes for Older Adults (60+)

- Team Sport Performance and Conditioning (Lancer Varsity Men’s Basketball Team/ Varsity Men’s soccer,   Varsity Women’s Soccer, Mixed Martial Art Competitors)

- 10 years Gym Experience

- 4years + -Kickboxing/MMA

- 16 Amateur Competitions/Fights (14-1-1)

Personal Sport Experience:

- Tecumseh Eagles Travel Hockey- 4years

- Tecumseh Rangers Travel Baseball- 1 year

- Kickboxing/Karate

- Belle River District High School Senior Football 4 years- WECSSA Champions 2006

- Belle River District High School Track & Field- 1 year

- Beach Volleyball- 2 years