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Kyle Prepolec

Lightweight 155 lb

Record 8-3

For more on Kyle click his pic.

Blake Nash    Little Big Man


Record 3-1

Ali Mokdad      Monster

Middleweight 185 lb

Record 7-3-1

Josh Taveirne

Welterwight 170 lb

Record 3-3

Losses to Diego Lima ,

Chad Laprise(UFC)


Chris Highton       Titan

Middleweight  185 lb

Record 7-2

Justin  Taveirne

Featherweight  145 lb

Record 7-2

Future Combat Stars Champ

Teen Athletes

TJ Laramie

Record 4-0-1

Muay Thai,

Kick Boxing -Glory

3-1  MMA

1-0  PRO Pancrase (Japan)

2014 WKA NA Champ

2013 IKF World Champ

2013 IBJJF NoGi World Champ

Tony Laramie

135 lbs

Record 10-1

2014 WKF NA Champ - Kickboxing

2014 CDN Natianals Cadet Wrestling Champ

2016 Maple City Cage Fighting Champ

2016 Future Combat Stars Champ

2016 Ace Fighting Bantamweight Champ

Eric Montgomery

Bantamweight 135 lb

Record 4-1

Shane Monagahan

Featherweight  135 lb

Record 6-2

Future Combat Stars Champ

Maple City Fighting Chamuionships Champ

Prospect Fighting Championships Champ